10 kinds of Tattoos you’ll probably regret later

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Tattoos are a great form of expression.  They’re pieces of artwork that you wear…literally.  And for the most part, they are permanent.  So the decision to get a tattoo should not be taken lightly.  More so, however, the decision of WHAT tattoo to get should be carefully thought out.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  So whether it’s an impulse decision, an uninspired design, or just something you’ll grow out of, here are my top 10 kinds of tattoos that are candidates for tattoo removal:

  1. The “Tramp Stamp” – This is one of the more common types of unfortunate tattoos for women.  Don’t get me wrong, here, a tattoo on the small of your back isn’t necessarily a tramp stamp.  It’s more of the reason why the tattoo is put there: to attract attention from men.  You can usually pick these out from a mile away: uninspired, (usually) tribal, or otherwise meaningless shape on the small of the back that’s simply there to say: I’m easy.
  2. Tribal Tattoos –  There was a day when Tribal tattoos were all the rage.  But to be honest: “I like the shape” is not a good enough reason to get a tattoo (in my opinion).  Tattoos should be original and (ideally) have meaning, otherwise it’s just a “cool shape” you’ll grow old with.
  3. Arm Bands – Muscle heads, listen up:  Arm band tattoos make you look like a douche.  Period.  Fine, you have big arms.  We can see that.  But beyond the desperate need to show everyone how much time you spend at the gym, this type of tattoo is about as original as a tribal.  And if you have a tribal armband, well, I’m so sorry.
  4. Anything on your face – I’m fine with knuckle tattoos and I can even handle a tasteful neck tattoo.  The one spot where the ink should never go is on your face.  Sure, I can think of some other choice places, but let’s hope nobody is that…brave 😉
  5. Asian Symbols – This one is a toss up.  If you’re SURE you know what the symbol means, and it being in chinese/Japanese/etc. has some meaning to you, go for it.  Otherwise, what you thought said “greatness” could actually say: “turkey-fish” and you’d be none-the-wiser.
  6. Human Faces – It’s rare that you see a tattoo of a human face that actually looks life-like.  If you know an artist that is THAT talented, then go for it.  Otherwise (9 times out of 10) you’ll end up with a REALLY awful looking tattoo.
  7. Names – Do I really need to explain why this is a bad idea?  The only exception, here, is as a tribute to family members or friends who have passed away.  Otherwise, you might as well make an appointment to have it removed now…
  8. Nudity/Vulgarity – It may seem cool to you now, but having to explain why you have a permanent naked woman on your arm to your children or grandchildren is about as awkward as it gets…think twice about this one.
  9. Celebrities/Athletes – It’s bad enough to idolize another person you probably will never meet.  But to get a permanent tribute to them on your skin is a recipe for disaster.  Imagine if you had a Tiger Woods tattoo?  Or worse yet: Lindsey Lohan?  Ouch.
  10. Funny Tattoos – What may seem funny to you now, will probably be a lame joke tomorrow.  Not to mention a lame joke to others…Today.  If you’re trying to be laughed AT, then this might be perfect for you.  Otherwise…pass.


34 Responses to “10 kinds of Tattoos you’ll probably regret later”
  1. Mel Noir says:

    Y’know, I can’t help but disagree. Fair enough, if you get a tattoo like this, you may regret it, but you may regret just about any tattoo. Tattoos are subjective to the people wearing it. I know a few artists with lovely face tattoos, and I even have tattoos of Michael Jackson and Robert Smith, no regrets there at all. Also, if you believe 9 out of 10 portraits don’t turn out right, I’d suggest going to different tattoo artists. It’s a fair enough list you’ve got here, but I think it’s a bit too opinionated, mate.

  2. Toddriffic says:

    Mel – This was more of a humor post…I didn’t mean any offense 😉 Honestly, most of these tattoos are just fine. That said, I have seen MANY portraits that didn’t turn out quite the way they should have, though.

  3. i have a friend that has a tattoo with his ex-girlfriend and his wife every day comment about that

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  7. I think the most distasteful amongst this list is to have a tattoo name unless with the exception that you have mentioned. I have a friend who had his former girlfriend’s name tattood at his sleeves and until now he is reminded everyday what a stupid thing he has done.

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  9. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this site regularly, thanks for the info!

  10. Nikolaus says:

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  12. utari says:

    thanks for the article, anyway it’s a good article about tattoos. Don’t regret with tattoos do you have, coz it’s on your body forever.

  13. Michael says:

    I already have experience with name on my back. Really – better do not make tattoo with somebodies name!

  14. Oh I think I could tick a few boxes on the types of tattoos to forget, especially now that I’m getting a little older, my tattoos seem to be going south.

  15. It is amazing how similar our perspectives are to one another. I couldn’t enjoy this post more, thank you so much!

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  19. Dr. Hall says:

    I just clicked around your website and enjoyed what I saw. I am an African-American primary care doctor and just started a website for people thinking about getting a tattoo, called shoulditattoo.com. In my inner city practice (of mostly poor people)there are a ton of young people getting “home-made” tattoos at tattoo parties or in people’s back yards with no attention to detail or infection control. Then a couple of years later, they regret there cheap tattoo with poor art work. Many times alcohol is involved, and really stupid tattoos arise. Because most have darker skin (and are poor), laser tattoo removal is not an option. I really wanted to reach out to you to help get the word out on my website (shoulditattoo.com)so that others in that situation can educate themselves so that their tattoo experience is a positive one. Well thought out professional tattoos are the only way to go!

  20. tattoo says:

    My brother has a tattoo with his ex girlfriend ! Now he regret it even if the tattoo is so beautiful :p

    I like your blog !


  21. Samuel says:


    thank you for the story. I know a lot of people that regret their tattoos today.

  22. csaba says:

    I think you are absolutely right.

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  25. anb says:

    A study conducted by the Pew Research Center indicates that millennials,

    people age 16 to 35, are the highest percentage of individuals with a

    tattoo. 75% of people get their first tattoo between 18 and 22 years of

    age. Sometimes decisions made as a 19 year old college student no longer

    suit you as a 27 year old business professional. As people grow older and

    have various experiences in life their perception of things may begin to

    change. So that illustration or statement on your arm that once was so

    meaningful or symbolic is no longer important.

    With all the changes going on in society, one thing has remained constant:

    employers have a certain image they want their employees to meet. The

    majority of employers require employees to cover large or offensive

    tattoos. This negative connotation about tattoo’s put tattooed millennials

    at a societal disadvantage. Based on a Harris interactive poll about 14

    percent of people surveyed said they regretted getting a tattoo. About 40

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  26. hinh xam dep says:

    It is amazing how similar our perspectives are to one another. i ‘ll tattoo 2016

  27. Roland says:

    These days you can remove them quite easy….


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